Job offer: Skipper

  • Fulltime
  • Zwijndrecht, NL

Education and experience:

– Certificate of Competence
– Rhine Patent Rhine Radar Patent
– Radio telephone certificate
– First Aid/First aid training course
– Command of the Dutch and German languages, spoken and written
– At least 3 years’ relevant work experience

– Responsible for all proceedings on board
– Responsible for ballast operations and loading or unloading operations
– Responsible for the performance of the safety policy on board
– Responsible for the environmental policy on board
– Responsible for daily maintenance on board
– Responsible for personnel, including the training of personnel on board and identifying bottlenecks
– Responsible for good communication with the principal
– Properly maintaining the equipment made available to him

We offer you:
– An extraordinary work place
– Good working environment
– High-quality barges
– Leisure time scheme
– A good salary

Maaskade Bevrachters has the largest fleet of inland vegetable oil tankers. The barges are mainly in private ownership and the owners have had many years’ experience in the transport of vegetable oils. The barges are directed by a team of specialists who form the link between customer and ship ………

The impact on the environment must be kept as low as possible. The majority of the barges that sail under the flag of Maaskade have a Green Award, and innovation concepts are not evaded if the environment can be spared by them.

Efforts are aimed at enabling the operating processes to run efficiently, as a result of which an optimum price-performance ratio is guaranteed. Maaskade has invested in software with which we can attune the planning even better, as a result of which better connections can be made. Needless empty sailing may be prevented as a result of this.

Maaskade’s policy is aimed at the development of new concepts and methods to make a contribution to the safety of people and the aquatic environment.