About us


Mariliq was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Maaskade with the aim of becoming the expert in inland waterway transport of both non-hazardous and ADN liquids within and outside the Maaskade Group. To do this, we focused on very specific products, specific barges or specific regions. Over the years we can now say that we are at home in many markets. While others rely on the major transport flows, we focus more on the “special products”, a wide range of liquids that are used for very different purposes.

Our fleet currently consists of ten dedicated tankers, sailing on a daily basis for our clients from the chemical sector, trade and (renewable) energy sector or paper industry.

Do you also have a specific project? We would be glad to assist and to look, together with you,  for a solution “à la tête du client”. It speaks for itself that we are also available for all SPOT requests. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in chemicals, and also thanks to our broad network, we can provide transport guarantee for every request.


Our barge’s crew (each barge has a team of two to four people on board) has long been familiar with the chemical products they carry. In all circumstances, our well-trained, professional and experienced crew knows how to handle complex products that are transported in stainless steel or durably coated tanks.

Really everyone within the Mariliq office team (technical service, administration, chartering and management) has a shipping background or was born and raised in inland shipping. And last but not least, we would like to mention our  quality manager who manages various quality systems such as ISO9001:2015, TMSA, EBIS and all laws and regulations in our industry.